The PC-1600 in PockEmul

I just find the Technical Reference Manual for the PC-1600. With all those informations, i have started the PC-1600 integration into PockEmul.

The boot sequence is not perfect but it’s a first step.

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2 Responses to The PC-1600 in PockEmul

  1. Oh! It’s great!
    PC-1600 has Z-80A, LH-5803 and Sub-CPU.
    Z80A often calls LH-5803 to calculate floating point calculation. It’s memory mapping is very flexible for support huge ROM-Modules (Japanese Kana-Kanji input dictionary module) .

    I thought it is hard to emulate PC-1600. So, I was deeply impressed…

  2. Bill says:

    Fantastic on adding the PC-1600. It’s my favorite Sharp Pocket computer. Is the Pockemul with the PC-1600 in it available for download? I’d love to try loading some programs I have into it and trying it out. Thanks for all your great work.


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